Why does a safety razor have two sides?

A safety razor has two sides because it is designed to be more efficient and versatile than other types of razors, such as disposable razors or cartridge razors. The double-edged blade allows the user to flip the razor over and use both sides of the blade, which means that the blade can last longer and provide a more consistent shave.

Having two sides also allows the user to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor by using a different side of the blade. For example, if one side of the blade is too aggressive, the user can flip the razor over and use the other side, which may be less aggressive.

Additionally, the double-edged design of a safety razor allows for a more precise and controlled shave, as the user can maneuver the razor in different directions and angles to get a close, smooth shave without the risk of nicks and cuts.

Overall, the two-sided design of a safety razor is a key feature that makes it a popular choice for many people who prioritize efficiency, versatility, and precision in their shaving routine.