The Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

For a beginner, the switch from a multi-blade razor to a safety razor can seem overwhelming. After all, you can tell yourself that it is easy to use a Mach3 and that it is fast whereas a classic razor is harder to handle and therefore takes longer!

But undeceive yourself, shaving with a safety razor is no more complex than shaving with your future old multi-blade razor!


A safety razor is a razor that uses an interchangeable blade that protrudes only a small millimeter, providing exceptional comfort and shaving quality.

Along with the straight razor, more commonly known as a cabbage cutter, it is the quintessential razor used in the traditional shaving ritual. It is also an essential step when you want to learn how to shave with a cabbage cutter because like the latter, the use of a traditional razor requires patience and the acquisition of good gestures and good practices.

The razor consists of a handle and a head that encloses a blade. This blade can be Double Edge razor blades or with Single Edge Razor Blades.

There are a large number of types of razors suitable for more or less specific uses. Everyone will find something for themselves in the wide choice available to them, whatever their skin type or beard type.

safety razor



If there is only one benefit to be learned from shaving with a safety razor, this is it.
Using this razor provides great comfort of use and allows a close shave without damaging the skin, provided you use quality products and properly maintain it.

Its single blade cuts the hair and does not pull it out, unlike the multi-blade razor which sometimes tends to pull the hair, or the electric razor which is likely to miss a few hairs when passing through the skin.

The use of a safety razor combined with a suitable shaving soap or shaving cream causes less irritation and limits the risk of ingrown hairs because it requires few repeated passages on the area to be shaved.


Unlike the cabbage cutter, which requires everyday attention (going over leather, regular stone sharpening) and a lot of technical skills requiring a long learning process, a safety razor is a razor that does not require a lot of maintenance.

However, it needs to be cleaned delicately after each shaving to avoid as much as possible the hygienic risks (foam residue, dust that accumulates ..) and possible problems related to corrosion and blocking of certain parts of the mechanism. Plus, the blades don’t need to be sharpened! A significant time saving when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

Finally, knowing how to use a safety razor does not take a lot of time. After a week of shaving, you will already be able to master the right gestures and have the right reflexes.


Made with durable materials, can last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation unlike its cousin the multi-blade razor which is easily prone to breakage due to the use of plastic and sometimes abrupt use.

The other big advantage of a safety razor is that it uses metal blades which, for life equivalent to multi-blade refills, cost much less! A safety blade costs on average between 30 and 65 cents, so the cost of a rechargeable multi-blade often exceeds $2.

No more reluctance to throw away your safety blade once you notice it is not as effective and starts to stick. While owners of multi-blades tend to prolong the life of their blades at the risk of wearing them out. A bad habit for the skin, a dull blade can easily cause cuts and irritation.


Safety razors last a long time so there is no need to throw them away for regular replacement.

In addition, since the safety razor blades are made of metal, they are fully recyclable, unlike multi-blade cartridges which are impossible to recycle because they are composed of metal, plastic, and other agents such as aloe vera or chemical agents.

A real gesture for the planet in a “zero waste” approach


Shaving with a safety razor is a pleasure that allows us to reconnect with our roots and our heritage passed down from our fathers, grandfathers, and ancestors. Shaving is a ritual that makes it possible to establish a highlight in your day, to take time for yourself, and to ignore the stress of everyday life during a moment.

Shaving the old-fashioned way is extricating yourself from the crowd, using accessories and techniques that require patience and technical skill. A snub to modernism and haste.

Finally, it is a pleasure to vary the scents and sensations offered by the different shaving products. A pleasure to discover and share.


Now that you know all the benefits of shaving with a safety razor, you might want to know how to choose the right one and how to use it to achieve a perfect shave.

Follow our guides designed to help you choose your safety razor and to learn how to use it in everyday life according to the rules of traditional shaving.