Traditional shaving: Towards zero waste consumption

To shave is to worry about your well-being and your style, an act of pleasure that has consequences, certainly on your skin but also, if you are not careful, on the environment!

The disposable razor, composed of a plastic handle and a fixed razor head, and to a lesser extent, the mechanical razor with rechargeable head (composed of a handle on which razor heads are inserted) is the name suggests, designed to be discarded. Their practicality and mass distribution have made them a particularly popular product, although expensive since the second half of the 20th century.

Conversely, the traditional shaving carried out with a cabbage cutter, a straight razor or a safety razor makes it possible to align, as often, the ecological and economic dimensions. The safety razor, the most accessible of them, is certainly the best choice for anyone who wants to achieve zero waste consumption.

First, and if you take good care of it, the safety razor is an almost eternal object! To do this, read our advice on how to properly maintain your safety razor. Its blades, only made of steel (no plastic), are, unlike their so-called disposable or rechargeable sisters, recyclable and have a very low carbon footprint. For recycling, just store the slides in a metal container, like this one, and once it’s full, tape it all up and place the container in your yellow bin!

In addition, the economic analysis, with a quality handle around $30 and blades sold around $2 for 10, makes the safety razor a product that is good for the wallet, the or the recurrence of purchases of disposable razors. or rechargeable heads turn these products into a real cost item.

This analysis is valid for both men and women. In search of zero waste consumption, many of them come to the safety razor, just as well suited to their needs. Some manufacturers have even started to design safety razors with more feminine colors and sensibilities.

The safety razor certainly requires a little learning time, to take good control and master the gestures, usually no more than a few shaves, but it also allows us to give time and pleasure to a gesture that has become of our routine and utilitarian days.

When it comes to shaving products, you are strongly encouraged to stop using shaving foams and switch to soaps and creams that are of higher quality in composition and that last longer. Many organic, handmade and artisanal brands exist. Some products will require the use of a badger, which is also very durable if you take care of it.

Ecology, economy, pleasure, no more excuses for not starting your day with a gesture for the planet!