Wizamet Super Iridium Review 2022

in this post, we will share with you a list of our customer reviews about wizamet super iridium blades, made in Russia by Gillette and owned by Procter & Gamble, and what peoples say about them. in the end, the choice remains to you, we are only helping you to choose the best suitable razor blade for your skin.

When we talk about Gillette, we are talking about the newness of this global company and its long history of more than 100 years of development in the field of men’s shaving. The vision of King Camp Gillette has inspired 100 years of innovation, to bring us the best shave in the world. And it’s not over yet.

Due to the company’s interest in creativity in developing double edge razor blades, in addition to its continuous and unlimited production of safety razors and blades, it does not hesitate to invest in other companies that have a good reputation for producing classic safety razors and double edge blades.

The best investment Gillette has done in the most recent history is its purchase of the Polish Wizamet, the company that people still remember until now for the quality of its products in the manufacture of safety razors and razor blades, its most famous product is the wizamet super iridium double edge razor Blades.

Our topic today is to talk about the reviews of customers who purchased these razor blades in our store in different countries around the world, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and India, and many more.

wizamet super iridium baldes

12 Wizamet Super Iridium Reviews By Customers Around The World

Review by Mark Szorady

First review:
the first shave with a wizamet super iridium was excellent this morning, I didn’t have terrible and smooth skin like this, the second shave with the same blade passed without any problem, Now I decided to change my previous blades to wizamet blades.

Second review:
The new blade is nice sharpest and still effective, and very soft and high-quality. It only remains to see how they evolve over time. I’m very satisfied with wizamet blades.

Third review:
This morning, a more than satisfactory fifth shave with a wizamet blade. I really like it. Well shaved, not irritated, and suddenly, I m more satisfied with these blades! More seriously: they are soft, and stay sharp for a relatively long time: so I put them at the top of my ranking.

Fourth review:
the wizamet super iridium blades are the best suit for my moderate skin, nothing to do with the other blades I know, in terms of the duration I managed to do 4 shaves in two passes. and the value for money is more than satisfactory for 250 blades.

Fifth review:
I find these blades also nice, with top-level sharpness. in addition, I was pleasantly surprised by these blades, they form a very pleasant and quite effective pair with the other blades.

Sixth review:
I work as a barber and all my customers are satisfied with wizamet super iridium blades. now it’s my preferred blade. very smooth, three shaves without any problems, very good glide, I recommend these blades for all barbers.

Seventh review:
for my part, I have sensitive skin prone to irritation at the slightest error, after testing this Wizamet super iridium is now a part of my favorite blades, precisely thanks to their permissiveness.
Compared to my previous blades it is clear that wizamet blades cut quickly, I recommend all men to try out wizamet super iridium.

Eighth review:
This morning I tested wizamet blades. I enjoyed a great shave, This blade is superb, singing, efficient, I really like it. for my part, wizamet is a perfect blade, efficiency, smoothness, cut, a treat.

Ninth review:
For the second shave with wizamet razor blades. Always these excellent blades between smoothness and efficiency and the blade are very sharp and effective. These blades have tempted me for a long while, I’m really going to have to take a bunch of them to try one of these days. I confirm the excellence of the wizamet super iridium that I recently discovered. Very good choice.

Tenth review:
I also find wizamet razor blades far superior to the other blades, I have no questions with these blades: they adapt to all my razors and the different states of my beard. An excellent blade indeed. It is one of the few of which I had exhausted my stock for a while. And it seems to me that they weren’t that expensive.

Eleventh review:
They are very good blades for my taste, it took me little passes for a clean shave (not even baby), the result is very good. The advantage of these soft blades is that even in the third shave I feel wonderful smoothness.

Finally, we hope this customer’s reviews be useful to you to choose the best suitable razor blades for your skin.

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